• Leadership
  • Management
  • Planning


Pen-D Consult holds extensive experience and broad technical understanding and expertise in the areas of electric generation, distribution, transmission, and installation, telecommunications, broadband and power plants.

Our capabilities include

  • Feasibility studies
  • Support during quotation, contract and negotiation process ( FIDIC , AB, ABT , ABK)
  • Project planning
  • Project management and team management
  • Permitting processes and third party agreements
  • Implementation and development of project structure, routines and documents
  • Risk management and risk assessment
  • Contact and negotiation with authorities
  • Management and/or development of methods and techniques
  • Education of project teams and individuals
  • Support current Health, Safety and Environment ( HSE) regulations , BAS U / P and CDM rules in the UK

Assignments are performed in different environments such as industrial power generation, large cities, countryside, open sea, harbors and channels.