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About Leif Steffensen

During my 25 years in the industry I have worked with several national and international organizations in which the assignments have had objectives that concerned technology and infrastructure. I have always managed to deliver the desired results by being responsive, attentive and at the same time having a strong incentive to manage projects, teams and individuals within different contexts.

I have a good ability to work within organizations of different levels and contexts. In order to meet the objectives and requirements, I value the individual as well as the group they operate within. I am solution-oriented as well as attentive towards individuals’ specific needs in order for them to perform at their best. I do believe it is important to achieve a balance between personal well-being and the ability to reach professional accomplishments at both group and individual levels.

During my career, I have performed various duties in the electric power industry, which has included production, distribution, transmission, and installation as well as different fiber-optic and broadband projects. My services have mainly consisted of planning, project management and supervision of medium sized project teams such as Engineers, Designer’s, Site Managers, Installers, Contractors and Sub-Contractors. Projects have often been multidisciplinary which has required understanding and knowledge in a variety of areas, including Electric- Mechanic – & Construction engineering, Logistics, Negotiation and Contract, Laws & Regulation, Risk identification & risk analysis, WBA ( Works Break Down Analysis) and document systematization.

The missions have been conducted in diverse environments that included countryside, large cities and very isolated places. I have experience in the offshore industry on both shallow water with large tidal variations, to the deep sea and heavily trafficked shipping areas. In addition, I possess nautical expertise both nationally and internationally and have extensive knowledge of underwater tasks that include diving and ROV technology and Side Scan Sonar for seabed analysis, which is required in the root design of submarine cable installation.

Since 1996 I have Swedish permission to supervise, perform and conduct all types of electrical installations, from low voltage up to the maximum occurring voltage class in Sweden. In my work, I have thus performed and analyzed a variety of instruments for measurements including power efficiency, troubleshooting of transformers, land and submarine cables, fiber damping analysis and control of optical fiber cables.

I have served as an educator and lecturer for electrical safety precautions and regulations (Swedish / EU). I also hold good knowledge of Swedish / EU HSE (BAS U & P Certificate ) and English CDM (HSE) regulations.

Pen-D Consult AB (Ltd)

Leif Steffensen


  • Swedish certificates for all types of electrical installations (A, Authoriced)
  • Basic Offshore Safety Course incl. HUET & Escape Chute
  • Boat landing & TP Rescue
  • Swedish/EU HSE regulation certificate BAS P/U
  • Swedish ESA 14 certificate (Electric safety method standard)

Previous employment

  • DONG Energy Renewable
  • Vattenfall Power Consultant AB
  • Carl Bro Energikonsult AB
  • Swedish Ship Administration
  • Smålands Kraft AB

Previous customers

  • Forsmark Kärnkraftverk
  • Vattenfall Service Syd
  • Vattenfall Wind Power
  • Vattenfall Elnät
  • Sydkraft/E-on Elnät
  • Sydkraft Bredband
  • Falkenberg Energi
  • Härryda Energi