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  • Management
  • Planning


Pen-D Consult stands as a provider of consulting services for technical and organizational project management assignments, in addition, we offer interim services in line organizations.

Our approach to leadership and management are based on many years of consulting experience in several different roles, companies and industries. Our experience comes mainly from industry in the electricity generation, transmission and distribution, and telecommunications networks and broadband networks.We work with the three pillars of leadership, planning and management, from where we run various projects, processes and operations.

In the role of project planner, we provide support and guidance to organizations where different professions and disciplines must collaborate and work towards common goals.

Efforts in projects often occur in line organizations undergoing change. It could include changes in organizational structures and processes that help to improve efficiency. We also have experience in leadership and management within organizations with an already existing success where we work with various forms of projects within development and capacity.

For temporary interim assignments, we help to maintain high production and if necessary start up processes of change, and then implement them in an effective manner. When working as interim manager, we operate as the driving force that makes employees with different core competencies achieve stated objectives within the different business areas.