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Norway National Grid, Statnett

Statnett National Grid Company of Norway Oslo HQ

Assignment as Project Manager for a role out programs of maintenance projects to upgrading air traffic warnings on the Norwegian national grid over headlines 300-400 kV

The project was estimate to approx. NOK 1 000 million and had a time frame to be ended in 5-7 year.

The project process contain beside leading a team of around 15 persons, planning and perform the upgrade of existing air warnings markings Systems and identify parts in the grid that did not had warning according to new regulation. The project had also the goal to development new materials and equipment as well as find new Assembling method.

The project was reported to the head management Steering Board  and had a serial interfaces across the main parts of the organization, contacts and negotiations with suppliers, contractors, Air Traffic Authorities, etc. The main project started up and was in a planning stage from November 2014 to the steering boarding in June 2015 Decided the project Should be closed