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Little Baelt

Clients ABB HVC ( High Voltage Cable)

Role: Project Installation Manager

Assignment/Main task
Installation responsible for onshore and offshore of two 420kV three-phase cable system, 2 times 5.5 km underground cables and 7.5 km Subsea Cables, between the Danish mainland Jutland and the island Funen. The project was conducted to replace existing overhead lines as a part in a program by the Danish national grid company Energinet.dk to improve the visual environment in the area.

The two subsea cables was unique in the design and construction as world larges 3 core AC subsea cables according to it’s diameter ( ~300mm) that ever been manufactured.

The installation project scope contained beside subsea cable installation, jointing and termination operations onshore (subsea-underground cables and underground –underground cables). Planning and performing one subsea cable joint (approx. 3ton weight and 18m length) and design, manufactory and delivery of one full equipped jointing container and a cables basket for store 500m spare subsea cable.

The installation project run for a 1,5 year period initiated with tender process of sub-contractors and suppliers, project budget, schedule planning, producing project admin. documentation, work procedure and assessments, risk assessment and mitigation etc. Initiate and perform interface work internal and with the main project, client represents, MWS (Marine Warrant Survey) and sub-contractors. The Installation project had an own project budget and reported to main project (PM) and ABB HVC installation department steering board.

During panning stage the project team engage 3-4 persons and during execution approx. 10 persons (subsea cable installation contractors personal not in counted).

Final customer Energinet.dk